A downloadable art for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The DIYGame is an ambitious undertaking. A revolutionary game about making games, it aims to make game design accessible to anyone and everyone. Balancing a meta plot about a struggling game designer, pressured from society at all sides, with fun and interactive mechanics allowing you to design your own games, this game is a true once in a generation experience. It is both easy to learn and complex enough to build any kind of game imaginable. It has both the capabilities to make a masterpiece on the level of Sneak King, the greatest game of all time, as well a shitpost for April Fools day. 

Armed with nothing more than this, you too can finally create the game of your dreams!

Don't believe me? See what my playtesters had to say about it:

  • "A true work of art. 5 Games out of 4. Worth every penny. Even though it was free." - Cahatstrophe
  • "Magnificent. Within a week, I had successfully built an amazing game, I think, I mean I was high for most of it and this "amazing game" appears to actually be a frog" - Cahatstrophe in a fake mustache
  • "She gave me 5 bucks to say something nice about this, you know" - Cahatstrophe with Groucho Marx Glasses on
  • "DOWNLOAD THIS NOW" - Cahatstrophe hiding behind a newspaper
  • "This game saved my marriage, and my relationship with my girlfriend" - Two Cahatstrophes stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat

Download now and start making memes games already!

Install instructions

Download. Run. You fools.


Mac 14 MB
Windows 32 MB
Linux 38 MB

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