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Hi there! You know about spiders, right? You know how in life, Sometimes There Are Spiders? This is a game about those times. It's a tower defence game set on an alien world besieged by massive spiders. Buy towers, buy exciting upgrades for your towers, and otherwise have a good time!

This game was originally written for SantaJam 2020, and is currently unfinished

It is:

  • At best poorly balanced
  • Missing several key features like a menu or even just settings
  • full of game breaking bugs that I know about (and probably some I don't)

I may or may not come back and finish it at some point. I make no promises. Do not hold me accountable for this game. If you want to play something that's actually complete, check out my profile to see what else I've done.

Remember: sometimes in life there are spiders. And sometimes, there aren't.

Install instructions

If you run into any bugs or other problems, or want to give me some feedback on the balance, I probably already know about it so please don't tell me?

If you want to contact me anyway (or you want to give me a compliment, I love compliments!),  leave a comment below or email me at cahatstrophe.games@gmail.com.


WindowsSpiders.zip 12 MB
MacSpiders.zip 25 MB
LinuxSpiders.zip 13 MB

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