The Exact Same Level 1000 Times Over With No Variations

I am completely serious.

See, I was doing some thinking, you know, about what people really want in a video game. And what people want is a highly polished well designed experience. But, paradoxically, people also want a lot of content. They want to be able to keep playing for hours. And for most people, these two goals would be self contradictory, diametrically opposed. Not for me. I found a way to merge them, to deliver you the finest gaming experience you will ever have, and then keep on delivering it to you for hours on end. People don't want to have to learn 50 different subsystems to play games! They want to learn one system and really get to master it. So that's what I've made for you. If I might be so bold, this might be literally the perfect game. I hope you enjoy.

May contain some flashing lights, so epilepsy warning. 

Progress might not properly be saved on the browser version, I recommend downloading if you want to guarantee you don't lose your place


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I like level 1, but I’m not to keen on all other 999 of them. Maybe you should go back to your roots and learn from what you did right while designing the first level?

What, even level 786? I thought that one would revolutionize the genre!


Love the Levels

Thank you! I worked very hard on all of them!